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The world of work is rapidly changing, putting pressure on workplaces to keep up with technological developments. That’s where Workforce Training comes into the picture, helping individuals upskill and organisations level up their employees.

Success starts with quality professional training. At, we have always understood the key role that training and upskilling initiatives play in a business’s success. That’s why we’ve created Workforce Training – an easy, efficient and high-quality training solution designed to simplify and streamline your organisation’s learning. Browse our wide range of staff training courses from New Zealand's top education providers and take your team’s skillset to new heights.

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Skills for Success

Raise your capabilities and inspire transformative change. To lead tomorrow with confidence and competence, you will need a strong suite of cross-disciplinary skills. To thrive in today’s competitive workplace requires you to reach far beyond expertise

Develop your leadership potential

Step up to your new leadership role with confidence and poise. Transitioning from high performer to effective, engaging leader involves a unique set of challenges. The stakes are high, and the learning curve is steep – but with targeted tactics t

High Impact Presentations

Deliver powerful presentations that captivate and influence. A presentation is a critical business tool. When well-executed, it builds credibility, enhances your client relationships, and clearly conveys your message. Your presentation has the power to

Leadership Training for Managers

Empower your team and grow into the engaging leader your organisation needs. Modern managers understand that organisations don’t produce business outcomes: people do. That’s why it’s so crucial to push beyond outmoded leadership models and put your peo

Sales Training: Winning with Relationships Selling

Learn to drive outstanding sales results by forging positive relationships. Sales professionals work in a new reality, one which demands a customer-centric approach to selling grounded in human connection, respect and trust.  The old tricks don’t work

Why Workforce Training matters

Innovative Solutions

Workforce Training prepares your team for the future, well before it arrives. From specialised tech skills to timeless transferable skills, upskill appropriately with Workforce Training

Industry Respected Providers

Training is carried out by industry-respected training providers, making you and your team work ready with real-world knowledge

Flexible Training

Workforce Training is an accessible solution, customised to make the most of strengths and fill in you and your team’s knowledge gaps

Lifelong Learning

The modern workforce demands continuous improvement and a commitment to lifelong learning. Workforce Training helps to address these needs by adding to your skillset

What is Workforce Training?

Workforce Training is a program that offers corporate training to organisations and upskilling solutions to individuals looking to maximise their performance. As the workforce gets more competitive, it’s become more important than ever to be employable and stay abreast of industry changes. Workforce Training makes it easy to learn continuously and remain relevant in an ever-changing world. 

Academic know-how is no longer enough. Instead, workplace capability, productivity and effectiveness are now key indicators of success, requiring a whole new approach to education and accreditation. 

This is the gap that Workforce Training helps to fill, allowing your team to target areas of inefficiency or incompetence. At the same time, Workforce Training recognises the skills you’ve developed through your on-the-job experience, meaning there’s no need to go over subjects you’re already familiar with. 

For a solution that aligns to industry skills and enables higher workplace performance, choose Workforce Training.

Workforce Training FAQs

Why is workplace learning important?

Workforce Training helps individuals and organisations keep up with industry developments. For individuals, this means remaining employable and enjoying greater career progression. For organisations, Workforce Training offers a competitive edge, increases employee morale and boosts productivity. Theory and knowledge can only go so far – the modern workforce demands performance, with Workforce Training enabling you to be your best. 

What are the benefits of corporate training?

Corporate training allows you to target any areas of inefficiency or incompetence within your team. This ensures everyone performs at their best, while also enjoying the professional development opportunity. Whether you’re a professional or a business executive, the ability to adapt to changing workforce demands is integral to success.

How should businesses address the ‘Skills Gap’?

Upskilling your existing team is a fantastic way to address skill gaps. Instead of undertaking the expensive and time-consuming process of recruiting new talent, you can simply develop and nurture the talent that already exists within your organisation. Workforce Training makes this possible through professional assessments that identify any skill gaps. Individualised training plans are then created to optimise existing skills and build new ones. 

How does workforce training lead to business success?

Workforce Training is key to business success, as it fosters productive and satisfied employees, increases employee retention, and enhances company output. Demonstrating a commitment to workplace development also enhances your business reputation, promoting business growth and collaboration opportunities. 

How can learning and development support existing workforce capabilities?

Because Workforce Training is a tailored solution, you’ll only develop the skills that you’d like to, forgoing areas that are irrelevant to you.

Start preparing for tomorrow with our workplace training solutions.

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