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If you live in New Zealand and are looking to complete a course, then there’s an abundance that may suit you in Wellington. 

Whether you’re looking for short courses in New Zealand, university courses NZ or something entirely different, find a course to suit you here!

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Develop your leadership potential

Step up to your new leadership role with confidence and poise. Transitioning from high performer to effective, engaging leader involves a unique set of challenges. The stakes are high, and the learning curve is steep – but with targeted tactics t...

Skills for Success

Raise your capabilities and inspire transformative change. To lead tomorrow with confidence and competence, you will need a strong suite of cross-disciplinary skills. To thrive in today’s competitive workplace requires you to reach far beyond expertise...

High Impact Presentations

Deliver powerful presentations that captivate and influence. A presentation is a critical business tool. When well-executed, it builds credibility, enhances your client relationships, and clearly conveys your message. Your presentation has the power to...

Leadership Training for Managers

Empower your team and grow into the engaging leader your organisation needs. Modern managers understand that organisations don’t produce business outcomes: people do. That’s why it’s so crucial to push beyond outmoded leadership models and put your peo...

Sales Training: Winning with Relationships Selling

Learn to drive outstanding sales results by forging positive relationships. Sales professionals work in a new reality, one which demands a customer-centric approach to selling grounded in human connection, respect and trust.  The old tricks don’t work...

New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5) (AKL Only)

This programme prepares you to work in a range of entry-level support roles in an organisation, which may include employment in roles such as computer technician, service desk or technical support, or provide a pathway to further IT related study. Grad...

New Zealand Diploma in Networking (Level 6) (AKL Only)

Be part of the change that technology is making to our world. This qualification will prepare you to enter employment in roles such as a network professional in a service environment. You will be capable of configuring, maintaining and monitoring netwo...

New Zealand Diploma in Software Development (Level 6) (AKL Only)

This programme is designed for people seeking to focus on one or more application domains such as general application development, web development, games development and mobile applications development. The aim of this programme is to provide students...

New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology (Level 5) (AKL Only)

This programme is perfect for those with a keen interest in computing looking to enter the IT industry or to upskill for future career opportunities. It also provides a solid foundation for IT diploma level study. The Certificate in Information Technol...

New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5) (Auckland Only)

This programme is designed for those looking to gain an entry-level role as a web developer. You’ll also gain the practical IT and professional skills needed to succeed in your IT career. On completion of this programme, graduates will be able to build...

What courses are available?

You may want to complete a course in order to learn new skills, upskill, or just for general learning. There is a range of courses taught at a variety of registered training organisations across New Zealand, including:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 4)
  • Introductory Courses
  • New Zealand Diploma in Cookery Advanced (Level 5)
  • Mental Health Courses
  • Digital Media
  • English Language and Maori Courses
  • Professional Development Courses

And many more! So no matter what it is you’re interested in learning, there’s a short course or long term option for you to study in Wellington.

How to study:

With such a plethora of courses available, there comes a variety of study options. Many training organisations offer part-time and full-time study options so that you can fit your study course around your life. There are also a number of online courses which can allow you to study a course in Wellington while living in Auckland, Otago or beyond! International students or those completing international study degree programmes may have to satisfy different entry requirements

Registered training organisations (RTOs) in Wellington include Wellington University, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington Institute of Technology and more.

Why Wellington?

Wellington offers New Zealand citizens unique study options and life experiences. If you want to study in New Zealand, then Wellington is one of the best places to do it. 

Wellington sits at the base of the north island, with over 418,000 residents. It’s the capital city of New Zealand and as such offers some incredible study options for students who are interested. Wellington has the famous Wellington cable car, Zealandia ecosanctuary, Mount Victoria and more, as well as a vibrant food and beverage scene, shopping and waterfront. It’s a beautiful city to live in, and a brilliant one to enrol in a course!

For more information about study tours, FAQS, privacy notices, studying in Wellington city, course finders, NZSL and more, enquire about a specific course taught in Wellington above!

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