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A Certificate is the best way you can get a taste of what an industry has to offer. These level 1 courses will give you the introduction you need to your future career, covering the basics and overviews and preparing you for your journey.

With ten tertiary qualification levels existing in New Zealand, there are several study options available full time or part-time across many locations across the country. Certificate courses, in particular, are a popular way of completing a higher education degree.

They can be tackled at your own pace and through an online course, in a large variety of career options and range from Level 1 to Level 6 in content and complexity of the course content.

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Certificate in Medical Reception and Terminology

Become a Qualified Medical Receptionist Enrolling in a medical terminology course online is a great way to get to the front of the queue for sought-after medical receptionist roles. Along with an introduction to Medtech software and MS Word, you will l...

Certificate in Caring for Dogs

Become your own best friend, study, work, live your passion Take a Certificate in Caring for Dogs to learn what should be considered before owning a dog, what constitutes basic training, and the daily requirements that should be factored in when adopti...

Certificate in Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Develop your toolbox & gain powerful insight This Career Academy course delivers valuable tools and insights to help you better understand children and adolescents’ mental health challenges. This certificate offers critical knowledge for anyone gui...

Certificate in Communications

Make yourself heard Communication is integral to our day-to-day life and how we interact with others. Whether it be in our careers or in our personal lives, written or spoken, communication is key to achieving many of the things that we all want in lif...

Certificate in Criminal Psychology

Turn a fascination into a field of enquiry Criminal psychology studies the motivations of those who operate outside the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable. Our criminal psychology courses examine labelling theory, how crime is concept...

Certificate in Crisis Counselling

Learn best practices in times of crisis The Certificate in Crisis Counselling will teach you the skills needed to better understand how crises occur, the various scenarios that can lead to a crisis, and some of the techniques that counsellors use to he...

Certificate in Domestic Cat Care

Develop your passion for domestic cat care Turn your love for domestic cats into a potential career path via online learning with The Career Academy. This comprehensive course will help you understand what drives feline behaviour and how best to addres...

Certificate in Event Management

Turn any occasion into an event We know you are a pro when it comes to keeping those plates spinning; let’s make sure you have the paperwork to prove it. The Career Academy Certificate in Event Management rewards your natural talent with certification...

Certificate in Family Counselling

Learn the fundamentals of family counselling Families are dynamic and complex social structures, and leave plenty of room for dysfunction. This course will help you better understand the principles used in family counselling, as well as the fundamental...

Certificate in Health and Wellbeing

Empower your life and improve your wellbeing Health and wellbeing is a critical part of everyone’s lives. In the modern world, it’s easy to neglect ourselves in the business and responsibilities or everyday life. This course is designed to teach you th...

Certificate in Horse Care

Take a ride to the top of the class with better horse care This Horse Care 101 course provides you with essential knowledge about pasturing horses, what factors should be considered when looking for the right equine companion, and the basic elements of...

Certificate in Hospitality Services (Food & Beverage)

Fire up your life Gather all the ingredients you need to become a hospitality star and work anywhere in hospitality NZ-wide. Develop your own catering business or use this hospitality management certificate to work across a broad range of hospitality b...

Certificate in Medical Reception

Become a Certified Medical Receptionist in just 10 weeks Working as a Medical Receptionist puts you front and centre when people need a smart, calm, focused face. The Career Academy medical reception course incorporates precise administration, effectiv...

Certificate in Careers Counselling

Help people change their lives Take a certificate course in counselling and discover who is best suited to running a business, effective routes to particular careers, and ways to assist those who want to build one. Choose a career counselling course to...

Certificate in Medical Terminology

Learn medical terminology the quick and easy way With a Certificate in Medical Terminology, you will gain a fundamental understanding of some of the terms used in a medical environment, including basic anatomy and the names of procedures and medical in...

Certificate in Microsoft Essentials

Get essential tools that open doors Microsoft office essentials do just what the name suggests – help you carry out essential functions in an office environment. If you want to apply for work, upskill from your current position – or just need to organi...

Certificate in MYOB Business Payroll

Keep things rolling in the right direction Choose The Career Academy MYOB Payroll course to learn about installing MYOB Payroll NZ-wide. Discover useful shortcut keys and how to utilise the three command centres in MYOB Payroll to effectively manage yo...

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Certificate in MYOB Essentials

Get where you want to go – start with the essentials Working towards goals begins with getting the fundamentals right. With MYOB Essentials, you gain a grasp of basic accounting software that can make a big difference to your business – or help you get...

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Certificate in MYOB Payroll

Keep things rolling in the right direction Choose The Career Academy MYOB Payroll course to learn about installing MYOB Payroll NZ-wide. Discover useful shortcut keys and how to utilise the three command centres in MYOB Payroll to effectively manage yo...

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Certificate in Nutrition and Business

Start your journey with some brain food Are you passionate about Nutrition? Do you believe in a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating? This course has been designed for starting a business or career in Nutrition coaching and for personal trainers lookin...

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Level 1 Certificates

A Level 1 Certificate course is considered a foundation courses where the basic general knowledge is covered. Typically there are highly structured contexts with a large amount of interacting with fellow students.

Upon the completion of a Level 1 qualification, you will be able to apply general solutions to simple problems and possess foundation skills.

Level 2 Certificates

Following a Level 1 qualification, the Level 2 Certificate course is further advancing on foundation knowledge, with more hands-on work. There is still a certain level of collaboration; however, there is a higher level of responsibility for your learning and overall performance.

Level 3 Certificates

To achieve a Level 3 Certificate Qualification sees both operational and theoretical knowledge applied with limited supervision. Dependant on the content of the course and recognition of prior learning a Certificate III can sometimes qualify someone to apply for a full time or part-time job in that field.

Level 4 Certificates

Similar to the Level 3 Qualification, a Certificate IV is of a broad enough course in both operational and theoretical knowledge to provide someone with the tools to find a career in their study field. A Level 4 Certificate Course requires more self-management of learning with broad guidance.

Level 5 Certificates

If you are considering a new career in a field that has more practical than theoretical knowledge required, a Level 5 Certificate is a fantastic qualification level that covers the foundational knowledge and more before specialisation occurs. This certificate course is suitable for career fields such as aged care, hairdressing, beauty therapy, business administration and child care.

Level 6 Certificates

A Level 6 Certificate course is when specialisation occurs; this qualification is suitable for those who are looking to expand their skills but not want to participate in further studies such as an advanced diploma or bachelor degree. Career pathways in interior design, project management and bookkeeping are suitable for a Level 6 qualification.

Following these certificates include:

  • Level 7: Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Bachelor degrees
  • Level 8: Postgraduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas and Bachelor’s Honours degrees
  • Level 9: Master’s degrees
  • Level 10: Doctoral degrees

Entry requirements for higher-level diploma courses and bachelor degrees are often more specific than those for traineeships and short courses. It is essential to always enquire at the NZ educational provider of your choice for the options available. 

Certificate courses cover so many fields and job opportunities ranging from community services and digital media technologies to human resources and early childhood education and care. They are a great way to expand your current knowledge or even to start an entirely new career in beautiful New Zealand. 

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