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If you're looking to gain knowledge in an industry, area, or interest, then a short course in New Zealand could be perfect for you! With a variety of study options, from summer school to postgraduate study, you can learn new skills or take a refresher course in areas of professional development to make lifelong learning a reality!

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Certified Data Science Professional

Our Certified Data Science Professional course will prepare you for a career in this rapidly growing industry. In this interactive online course, you will be guided by experts in the field who will mentor you through the entire process, and you have th...

Accounting Diploma

Once you qualify, your job prospects will soar. If you’re eager to enhance your accounting skills, and pursue a career in accounting, finance or business, then this course is a must. It’s an advanced qualification that builds on the practical accountin...

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Accounts Administration & Payroll Certificate plus Xero and MYOB

Up your practical knowledge and stand out from the crowd with our intermediate online course. You’ll gain skills in accounting, GST, Xero, payroll, Microsoft Excel and much more....

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Certificate in Business Administration

Get that job or promotion with this certificate which is supported by the AdmiNZ. This online course will help you gain practical skills to prepare you for an administration role. The course will give you the immediate knowledge to work confidently in...

Certificate in Bookkeeping

Learn to balance the books with our accredited course. You’ll be able to prepare GST returns, liaise with the Inland Revenue on behalf of a taxpayer and keep business accounts, as well as learning to analyse and interpret a profit and loss statem...

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Psychology & Counselling Diploma

Understand the human mind and the counselling process with this internationally recognised qualification. You’ll learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help people work through their problems and issues with counselling....

Certificate in Accounting

This is a course that ticks all the boxes. The Career Academy Certificate in Accounting will provide you with all the necessary skills to work in an accounting environment. There’s no prior experience needed to do the course. And once you finish, you’l...

Accounting Pathway Program

Become a Qualified Accounting Technician and member of AAT! Fast track your accounting career with The Career Academy. This Program is unique to The Career Academy and specifically designed for those working or who have worked in an entry through to in...

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Diploma in Child & Youth Counselling

How to change people’s lives for the better. This is a course where you can make a world of difference for children and young people. It’s a fascinating and highly detailed course where you’ll learn about theories of childhood development that include...

Certificate in Reception & Office Support

From the front desk to the world Turn office support into an art form. Reception & office support roles play a pivotal role in the running of many businesses. This Certificate in Reception & Office Support ticks all the boxes for putting your b...

Business Administration Diploma

Take the next step towards a management role! Whether you’re looking to hone your skills, or to progress to a more senior role, our accredited online course will teach you everything you need to know to advance your administration career. You’ll learn...

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Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training Certificate

Understand dog psychology & teach your dog good habits that will last a lifetime If dog psychology and training fascinate you, this online practical course will provide you with a framework of understanding that will enhance your career prospects,...

Diploma in Dog Grooming

Learn about professional dog grooming techniques This online dog grooming course comprises two certificates covering dog and pet grooming – and caring for dogs. Learn what equipment you might need to handle animals during grooming, various grooming tec...

Hospitality & Tourism Diploma

Take a trip to your true potential Including the Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management, this Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism is a launchpad for a career in an exciting industry. Explore the option of working as a travel agent, bartende...

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Discover smart ways to get noticed Explore the nature and scope of online digital marketing with a digital marketing course that covers strategic website design, the psychology of online marketing, how to convert the customers you capture, and differen...

Certificate in Dog & Pet Grooming

Discover what it takes to enter the pet & dog grooming industry Begin our dog grooming courses for pet owners and learn about the business of grooming, how to care for the coat and skin of domestic pets, and what tasks are involved when providing a...

Certificate in Project Management

Learn how to execute projects from end to end Project management is a critical function of any organisation. Delays not only cause frustration, they cost valuable time and money. Therefore, a good project manager is critical to the running of any compa...

Certificate in Personnel Management and Human Resources

Use Your Exceptional People Skills To Upgrade Your Life People who know people are a special breed. If you are looking for HR courses for working professionals or human resources distance learning opportunities, The Career Academy offers a comprehensiv...

Introduction to Accounting

Because balance is key What is accounting? The fundamentals of accounting are valuable basic skills for anyone who runs a business, for employees who want to present a formidable resume, or for those who want to learn how to do accounting as a building...

Bookkeeping Business Pathway

Launch your bookkeeping business with the option to freelance, subcontract or start your own bookkeeping business. Complete our Certificate in Bookkeeping and then our Start your Own Business Program....

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If you’re looking to gain knowledge in an industry, area, or interest, then a short course in New Zealand could be perfect for you! With a variety of study options, from summer school to postgraduate study, you can learn new skills or take a refresher course in areas of professional development to make lifelong learning a reality!

What are Short Courses?

Short courses cover a range of qualifications through a range of institutions to teach and qualify you to undertake your hobbies, passions or careers more effectively. There are courses available in almost every area and industry, including:

  • Information technology
  • Health Sciences
  • English Skills
  • Project Management
  • Barista and Hospitality Skills
  • Social Media 
  • First Aid
  • Maori Language
  • Social Sciences

Depending on which qualification you complete, it may allow you to simply understand the basics of the industry, or become a specialist in your field. 

Short courses can both complement or replace higher education, depending on which industry you’re interested in studying. Short courses tend to be taught as:

  • Specialist short courses, such as flower arranging or other hobbies/specific skills
  • Certificate I, II, III
  • Certificate IV, which typically includes work experience or a traineeship
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma or equivalent, which can only be completed after an undergraduate qualification

How to study:

If you’re a New Zealand citizen, pretty much all study options are open to you. That means that, provided you meet the entry requirements of the courses, you can study in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, or beyond! 

International students from the United Kingdom, Australia and beyond should check with CRICOS for important information about IELTS and student visa requirements.

Many registered training organisations (RTO’s) offer full-time and part-time study options, as well as in-person and online student support. With a range of schools all over New Zealand, students can choose the school that most suits their needs, whether that be business school, TAFE or a small local organisation that offers language courses.

For more information about what to expect in your first year, tuition fees, main navigation help and more enquire about a specific course above! Read here for more information about how to use upskilling for a career change.

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