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Certificate in Mental Health

Learn ways to help other people Use online certificate courses in mental health to understand better the signs, symptoms and possible treatments of adult mental health problems. Work towards a career in community support services or use a certificate i

Certificate in Adolescent Psychological Development

Define yourself and learn to help others Learn about the world of adolescent psychology, explore your own growth, and understand the development process of adolescents in your sphere. Look at how adolescents operate in society, what development theorie

Psychology, Youth Counselling, and Mental Health Bundle

Master the skills to transform people’s lives. Learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help young people work through their problems and issues with counselling and mental health. This bundle includes the Diploma in Psych

Certificate in Careers Counselling

Help people change their lives Take a certificate course in counselling and discover who is best suited to running a business, effective routes to particular careers, and ways to assist those who want to build one. Choose a career counselling course to

Certificate in Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Develop your toolbox & gain powerful insight This Career Academy course delivers valuable tools and insights to help you better understand children and adolescents’ mental health challenges. This certificate offers critical knowledge for anyone gui

Certificate in Child Psychological Development

Increase the depth of your understanding A Certificate in Child Psychological Development is a great way to gather skills and information that could enhance your parenting experience. Discover key terms used in child development psychology and examine

What is mental health?

Mental health encompasses social and psychological wellbeing, and the ability to handle everyday stressors. One in five Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, and the detrimental effects associated with it. Seeking help from a professional is one of the best ways to treat such issues, and can be found at clinics, schools, hospitals, universities, government agencies and businesses.

Since mental illness has become more accepted in recent year, people are more likely to see a professional, and subsequently, employment in Australia for these roles are expected to grow in the next ten years.

Qualities and skills needed for a mental health worker

Apart from having knowledge of mental illness, and their respective treatments, mental health workers need to have empathy above all else. To be empathetic is to listen carefully to your clients and learn more about who they are and their issues. You’ll also need to communicate psychological concepts in simple terms, and be aware of other significant factors that can influence their treatment, such as cultural safety and other community services that the client can take advantage of.

Duties of mental health

While your responsibilities will differ depending on your role, here are some that those in the mental health sector generally conduct:

  • Conversing with clients, to gather knowledge on their experiences and thought patterns
  • Collaborate with them to set goals and establish a treatment plan
  • Explore the factors that influence your clients’ wellbeing, like family matters, school and work stress, substance use, etc, and help them become more aware of these issues.

Jobs in the mental health sector

  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Occupational therapist
  • Counsellor 
  • Social worker
  • Psychiatric nurse
  • Social service worker
  • Disabilities service officer

Training and education

The jobs above all require a qualification of some kind, typically further education at a university or training institutes. Though not necessary for all the relevant roles, work placement is also commonly integrated into the programs, providing you with the chance to apply your knowledge and understand how to navigate high-pressure situations.

To become a psychologist, psychiatrist or occupational therapist, you’ll need to complete a master’s degree, but at, we offer short online courses to qualify you for other roles or to simply introduce yourself to the mental health sector.

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