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Do you have a way with words and a natural ability to get along with others? The consider a career in sales to make the most of your talents and create a long-lasting and prosperous career in this fun, challenging industry. |

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Leadership Training for Managers

Empower your team and grow into the engaging leader your organisation needs. Modern managers understand that organisations don’t produce business outcomes: people do. That’s why it’s so crucial to push beyond outmoded leadership models and put your peo

Develop your leadership potential

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High Impact Presentations

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Sales Training: Winning with Relationships Selling

Learn to drive outstanding sales results by forging positive relationships. Sales professionals work in a new reality, one which demands a customer-centric approach to selling grounded in human connection, respect and trust.  The old tricks don’t work

Sales Course

Learn the secrets on how to open and close a sale effectively with an unusually high close rate. Salespeople are usually amongst the most valuable assets in any company. Sales jobs are found in almost any company imaginable. A career in sales can be ex

Skills for Success

Raise your capabilities and inspire transformative change. To lead tomorrow with confidence and competence, you will need a strong suite of cross-disciplinary skills. To thrive in today’s competitive workplace requires you to reach far beyond expertise


Sales are all about the ability to sell a company’s products or services to generate profit, either to customers or to other businesses. Sales professionals are responsible for communicating the benefits, features and reasons as to why you need the products or services on offer. Depending on the industry as well as the company’s offerings, these sales can be anything from books, makeup to luxury cars and even businesses.

About the Industry

Sales representatives work closely with marketing departments, to better understand the needs of customers and create ways to communicate how these needs can be complemented by the features of a company’s offering.

Sales are a very interactive department of a business and often involves developing a close relationship with the customer, especially when there’s more money involved. Sales can include telephone calls, meetups, personal visits as well as offers in the mail to entice customers into buying.

Sales can sometimes involve working on a commission, especially when the products or services, especially for more expensive items. Commissions come in the form of a ‘bonus’ that a sales representative can receive through making a sale, which is often a small percentage of the price of the sale.

This is used to reward as well as to motivate a sales team to try and land more sales and deals. Some companies create a target number of sales that an individual must obtain, usually on a monthly to quarterly basis.

Skills and Responsibilities

As the sales industry requires a lot of contact with customers, sales representatives need to be able to communicate the benefits of a product effectively and entice the customer to buy it. There are a number of skills that any sales individual needs to have in order to succeed in this fast-paced and very competitive area. Some of these skills include:

  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Persistence
  • Commitment
  • Customer Engagement
  • Organisation

Job Outlook

Due to the current growth in purchasing behaviour, especially in the retail environment, job prospects in sales is very good at the moment. As of 2014, there were approximately 55, 400 sales representatives in New Zealand, as well as another 38,000 sales, marketing and advertising managers. The salary of a sales representative varies depending on the type and size of the business they work for. However, sales reps typically earn up to $60,000 per year. Regional sales managers can earn between $75,000 and $180,000 per year, with national sales managers earning up to $300,000 according to Careers NZ.

The work conditions in a sales role involve usual business hours with the chance to sometimes work on weekends or nights. Sales representatives usually work in an office, however, there can be a lot of travel involved with meeting clients. With a sales target being a usual presence in the sales department, there can be stress seen in the job in order to meet these business objectives.

What Is A Sales Course?

A sales course in New Zealand is a form of education that aims to arm sales professionals with all the skills they require to successfully navigate the real-world of sales and retail. Course information during a sales training course may include 

  • Communication skills to help with difficult customers and ensure that your message is being heard by customers
  • Time management methods to ensure that sales representatives can meet deadlines
  • Team building methods for those who may be working in a sales team
  • Training sessions within an actual workplace
  • How to take advantage of sales opportunities presented to you during the day to day operations
  • Learning experiences such as having business owners, experienced salespeople and management coming to speak about their areas of speciality, such as in-house training, what they look for in those coming to work for them etc.
  • Work experience in an actual sales company

Sales Courses

  • Certificate

A Certificate in Sales is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the skills needed to thrive in this challenging industry and close that business deal. A Sales Certificate covers the basics of how to communicate effectively, including frontline skills when interacting with customers and clients.

From developing product knowledge, identifying sales prospects and establishing relationships through to how to promote and communicate offerings; a Certificate in Sales is a perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door. Better yet, these sales courses can take a matter of weeks to months to complete and are typically available online.

  • Diploma

There are a number of options to further your study in sales. Many professionals in New Zealand have qualifications in related fields, such as a Diploma of Marketing or a Diploma of Communications. The courses can provide you with a sound knowledge in identifying the best ways to communicate the benefits and features of offerings to customers, as well as how to promote and engage with their needs as best as you can.

The upside to these courses is that they are directly related to sales, as well as providing you with a thorough knowledge of the business environment at the same time. Diplomas in marketing and communication can take around a year to complete but are a worthwhile investment to hone your skills in sales and start making your way to a profitable career.

Why Study A Sales Course?

There are two main reasons to study a sales course. The first is if you’re an experienced sales professional looking to formalise all your work experience and learning experience into a formal qualification for the sake of improving your fiscal outcomes or to change jobs.

The second is if you’re looking to work in sales long or short term, and need to show employers that you’re serious about sales opportunities that you may be applying for. 

How to study

A sales course will help you learn in the way that suits you best, dependant on your learning style. If you learn best on your own, then going through a training company that offers online learning may be your best option.

Alternatively, there are a number of face-to-face courses which can give you the qualifications you need! With schools in Auckland, Christchurch, Otago and beyond, it’s easy to find the perfect sales course for you!

Career Outcomes

The sales industry encompasses many different areas, including telemarketing, account management and customer service. The career you can end up in depends on the level of sales course you’ve completed, as well as your natural ability to communicate and build relationships with others. Some of the careers available to you in sales are:

  • Sales Representative
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Manager (Regional/ National)
  • Retail Sales Assistant

For further information about entry requirements, NZQA requirements, tuition fees and more enquire about a specific course listed above!

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