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Event management careers are an exciting prospect. The variety of work, places, opportunities and fast-paced environments attract people from across the world. Whether you want to work on the logistical side of events, in areas such as conferences, fashion shows, parties, or large-scale sporting events, there are plenty of chances for you to shine. Event planning requires dedication, organisation, the ability to multi-task and work with all sorts of budgets and clients. In such an exciting industry, hard work beats all.

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Event Management & Wedding Planning Business Pathway

Supercharge your Event Management and Wedding Planning skills! You’ll learn the essential skills needed to work in the wedding and event management industries. Whether you want to plan the perfect party, nail the wedding from arrival to ‘I do’, or simp

Certificate in Wedding Planning

Once you make your mind up about this Certificate, you’ll never look back! If you love the romance of weddings and enjoy the challenge of planning every tiny detail, this course will equip you with the knowledge to have a successful career as a wedding

Event Management & Wedding Planning Bundle

Learn how to pull off the perfect wedding or event. Being a wedding planner is the perfect career choice for those capable of juggling multiple tasks, who can move at the speed of light and thrive under pressure! Special event planning can include many

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Event Management Course

Want to work in a fast-paced, dynamic industry with strong growth prospects? Take the next step in your career with our online event management courses. You can study for a Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Both courses have been designed in consultation wi

Wedding Planner

Our Wedding Planner Program imparts to you ALL the skills and tricks required to succeed in the wedding planning industry. The wedding planning course has been designed by professionals and experts from the wedding planning industry. Hence, you get an

About Event Management

Careers In Event Management

Many event management careers begin as an entry-level assistant, before working your way up to the higher-end events, positions and opportunities. New Zealand has many world-class events in plenty of different areas, with tourism forming the largest sector. The opportunity to work internationally is also possible, with many event organisers flying around the globe as part of their daily work.

Some of the events that a career in event management can take you include:

  • International conferences
  • Music festivals
  • Weddings
  • Conferences
  • Sporting events
  • Fashion and art exhibitions and shows
  • Parties

A job as a wedding planner is often highly sought after, but there are many other opportunities that exist, especially in corporate events. Conference venues are often the office of event organisers. There are also freelance opportunities, organising events for friends and family, as well as connections made through networking. There are a lot of small events companies offering boutique styles and expertise. Most event organisers often specialise in one kind of event, allowing them to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competitive crowd.

Event Management in New Zealand

New Zealand events are thriving. With annual international visitor arrivals to the country tipped to grow from 2.6 million in 2012 to 4.5 million by 2020, there are plenty of people flocking to the country. This influx means many events such as festivals and weddings are in demand.

A typical event planner in New Zealand can expect to earn between $30,000 – $45,000 per year, and up to $65,000 after three or more years in the industry. This can quickly grow much higher, however, with opportunities to handle bigger and bigger events a possibility for those dedicated to making it in the industry.

Available Courses in New Zealand

If you are seeking event management jobs, there are qualifications to suit whatever your needs are. Many event companies seek practical qualifications, as well as work experience alongside the degree. Whether you’re already a working class professional or a recent high school graduate, there are events management courses that can offer you the best start or help you fast track your advancement.

Some of the most popular event management courses in New Zealand include:

  • Certificate Level 3 in Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Planning
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Arts (Event Management)
  • Bachelor of Hospitality

Certificate Courses

If you are just starting in the industry, or are looking for a career change without years of full-time study, a Certificate level course could be the right choice. With many events management courses online, and both full time and part time options often available, it is the first step in an events management career. Qualifications such as a Certificate Level 3 in Events Management give you a leg up into positions such as events assistant, venue assistant, or events marketing jobs.

Diploma Courses

For slightly more in-depth theoretical knowledge, you should consider a Diploma level qualification. Options like the Diploma of Event Planning give you a better understanding of the industry and allow you to start to understand the opportunities and challenges. These often focus on the organisation of events such as conferences, festivals and more. These courses often only take between 18-24 months, so can be completed faster than a Bachelor level, and gets you work-ready quicker. This is a common option for eager Events Management hopefuls, and many students study part-time whilst undertaking work placements.

Bachelor Degree

Often taking 3 years to complete with full-time study, it gives you a complete understanding of what is required to fully manage an event from start to finish. Qualifications such as the Bachelor of Event Management can help you gain employment in diverse areas. Comprising of theoretical knowledge about the design, planning, and implementation of all sorts of events, as well as other important skills such as budgeting, and client management. If you want the most comprehensive qualification that can set you apart from the crowd, this is the one for you.

What Skills do you need to be an Event Manager in New Zealand?

You’ll need to be organised to work in this field, as pulling off a successful event requires extensive planning. You will also need to be able to bargain hard and negotiate to get the best prices to fit your budget, and hard work is always appreciated. The ability to go above and beyond to see issues and act before they even happen is crucial in such a competitive industry. Although it is often seen as such a glamorous career, it often requires extremely hard work and irregular hours. Most managers will work evenings, and often weekends.

While other people are enjoying their leisure time, you’ll be on the clock. Multi-tasking is another important asset, as well as the ability to work in large teams effectively and efficiently. Demanding customers have to be dealt with tact and interpersonal skills that may be difficult to conjure up whilst under extreme pressure, but it is something you will most definitely be able to do. Juggling these demands, and staying within budget whilst delivering a high-class event will be your bread and butter, whilst everyone is eating theirs!

If this sounds like you, or someone who you would like to be, stop thinking and start acting! Find your dream career now by searching our courses in events management to find the perfect fit for you.

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