Hairdressing Courses

Hairdressers in New Zealand work in a variety of work areas: from working in a beauty salon helping regulars feel their best, to travelling to individual houses to provide hairdressing services for people’s special events. Wherever they work, haircutting and styling can be a rewarding, full-time career - get started by completing one of many available hairdressing courses today!

Hairdressing Courses

About Hairdressing

What is hairdressing?

Hairdressing involves any and all personal services in regards to your hair. In a given day a stylist might:

  • Cut hair using a variety of tools, including clippers and scissors
  • Work styling hair for special events
  • Create hair design plans for clients
  • Provide other beauty services like makeup or work with a professional to create a cohesive look for a client
  • Undertake salon management duties, such as managing the budget or bookings
  • Work in a barbershop doing men’s haircuts, hot shaves and other treatments
  • Work outside of the hairdressing salon with community services programs to give back to the community

Why should I study hairdressing?

If you’ve always been the kid who braided other kids hair in the playground and had their friends ask them to do their hair before an event, then hairdressing could be for you! Plus, with barbering becoming a new trend, there’s even more room for more services, so now is the perfect time to start.

Having studied some sort, of course, is compulsory for hairdressers, and if you want to work in a high-end salon you may be required to have a higher level of training. Many short courses require traineeships or apprenticeships for their stylists to be considered qualified, so you know, as do potential employers, that you’re ready to go. 

Some possible courses include:

  • Certificate III in Hairdressing 
  • Beauty Therapy and Makeup Certificate
  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant 
  • Certificate III in Barbering
  • Certificate IV in Hairdressing 
  • Advanced Diploma in Hairdressing

How can I get started?

Every registered training organisation (RTO), whether it’s in Christchurch or Auckland, will have different entry requirements. Independent RTO’s offer a variety of courses, with some available to complete part-time

International students should check with CRICOS to find which courses are available.

Working in hairdressing can be an incredibly rewarding experience, where you get the opportunity to help people feel their best every single day. If you think that hairdressing could be the career for you, then make sure to browse our list of courses that could help your hairdressing career in New Zealand today!

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