Human Resources Courses

If you consider yourself a people person, then a career in Human Resources is for you. People are at the heart of any organisation, and working in HR can give you the responsibility of helping employees to advance and grow. This active, people- focused industry is perfect for anyone wanting to be an integral part of a business' performance, so consider being a part of one of the human resources courses below.

Human Resources Courses

Human Resources

Are you interested in working in human resources in New Zealand? Whether you want to be a recruitment consultant, a human resources advisor for employee relations, a human resources manager for organisational development or working in talent acquisition for corporate services, there’s an option for everyone. Human resources offer an exciting opportunity for anyone who’s good with people!

What are Human Resources?

At the centre of all Human Resources occupations are the people who work for an organisation. There are many different duties in which HR professionals take part in on a daily basis, and these HR jobs require a high level of understanding when it comes to employee’s needs. In addition to this, having a high level of emotional intelligence and an understanding of issues staff may face in the workplace are very desirable.

Human resources typically refer to any work done or for the people within an organisation. HR professionals can work across a range of areas, including:

  • Health and safety
  • Human resource management
  • Employee recruitment and selection
  • Remuneration and salary
  • Training
  • Employment law
  • Employment relations
  • Matching job seekers with employers
  • Working in performance management 
  • Working in change management, creating a positive company culture 
  • Assisting companies with learning & development of employees

The human resources jobs that may be available for you after completing a course could include working as a part of a human resources team, to an HR manager or development manager, to working independently as a recruiter or experienced HR advisor

Job Outlook

There’s always a need for Human Resource Management and employers are always after HR professionals who have excellent people skills and tertiary qualifications. There are around 14,500 Human Resource jobs in New Zealand. Consequently, the employment growth rate is expected to rise to 2.6% by 2019 so career opportunities will become more available.

The ability to advance in this industry is one of its greatest features, with many progressing into management or specialist roles. This means that it’s a fantastic area for those hungry to be in a constantly progressing career.  On average, an HR professional with a qualification is expected to earn approximately $49,000 for graduates which can increase significantly with experience.

How to Study

There is a range of institutions that teach courses in HR, including the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, the Auckland University of Technology and a variety of tertiary qualifications schools.

Most of these schools offer both part-time and full-time learning options, as well as online courses that mean you can study from anywhere, including Wellington, Manukau, Waikato, Christchurch, Tauranga and beyond. Depending on the level of course you complete, you could graduate eligible to become anything from an HR administrator to an HR coordinator

No matter what type of qualification you’re after, taking part in a Human Resources course online will allow you to study at your own speed. Students can also obtain all the knowledge needed in these nationally recognised human resources courses.

  • Certificate IV

A Certificate IV in Human Resources covers a broad range of industry-specific skills. Areas covered often include recruitment, performance monitoring and workplace health and safety.

This Certificate in particular also gives you the opportunity to tailor your learning, according to areas of significance for HR Managers, such as staff development, payroll management and project skills. This course can be done for up to 18 months, which gives you the freedom to progress through the Certificate online when you are able to.

  • Diploma

A nationally recognised Diploma of Human Resources Management is a wonderful way to further your understanding of the industry, developing all the skills you’ll need in this fast-paced field. With the content covering all areas of management theory, workplace culture, communication, training techniques as well as recruitment, this Diploma is an invaluable resource to take you one step closer to that dream job.

If you aren’t able to make the trip into study in-class, many human resource courses at this level are available online through distance learning.

  • Bachelor Degree

You can undertake a Bachelor of Business and a major in Human Resource Management to ensure you have all the skills you need for a successful career. These detailed courses in human resources offer all the knowledge you need for the business world while honing your skills to suit HR management.

How to motivate people, recruitment and training, as well as employment law are all covered over the course of three years, and some Universities in New Zealand offered a distance learning option to help you study from anywhere, and at any time.

Career Outcomes

Many students who have completed any type of human resources courses have entered into HR careers like:

  • Human Resource Coordinator
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Training Assistant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Practitioner
  • Recruitment Consultant

There are heaps of new jobs popping up in HR all the time, so learning about employment laws, how to work as an HR business partner, or liaising with human resources coordinators and senior HR advisors, so complete a human resources course in New Zealand today and get started on your future!

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