Pharmacy Courses

A career in pharmacy focuses on helping the community with health care, along with offering relevant advice on the well-being of others. If you are looking to become a part of this flourishing industry, consider studying a pharmacy course in New Zealand to help you take the next step in progressing your career as a Pharmacist.

Pharmacy Courses

About Pharmacy

Are you looking to be one of many healthcare professionals in pharmacy ensuring that people get the treatment they need? Working in a New Zealand or Australian pharmacy practice means you can help people with their physical or mental health as well as patient safety, by dispensing the correct medication for their condition.

What is pharmacy work?

Working and studying pharmacy in love every element of diagnosing, dispensing and administration of high-quality medications.


Duties include:

  • Speaking with those who come into a community pharmacy looking for cold medicines, first aid items and other everyday health issues
  • Providing health services like checking blood pressure
  • Working in a hospital pharmacy dispensary, providing doctors and nurses with required world-class medicines
  • Working in drug discovery, researching drug discovery outcomes and the quality use of medicines for patients
  • Providing pharmacy education – teaching the community about the effects of common medications and when or when not to take them 
  • Providing information to other health professionals about new or different medicines on the market
  • Providing information for a PBS prescriber
  • Learning about how treatments affect minority groups like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Why should I study pharmacy?

You can’t work in a clinical pharmacy without some form of training. Training usually takes the form of a bachelor of pharmacy if you want to be a dispensary, and especially if you’re going to join a team of hospital pharmacists. That said, many pharmacy students start out doing shorter courses in other areas of pharmaceutical sciences to get a head start. 

Pharmacists, like any health professional, are expected to understate professional development throughout their career within the health system. Examples include formal qualifications like a master of pharmacy, but also short courses in mental health developments, new pharmacy services, and professional practice standards.  

There are also plentiful employment opportunities for a pharmacy graduate, with hospitals, private clinics and clinical pharmacies all needing pharmacists.

How can I study pharmacy?

If you don’t meet the entry requirements for a pharmacy degree, doing short courses are a fantastic pathway to study pharmacy at university. A training program will give you the basics and may also be recognised as prior learning and count towards your degree. 

International students should check with CRICOS for further information about specific courses.

Many courses can be completed in part or entirely online, as well as both part-time and full time. This depends on the institution providing the course, and where they’re located. That means that you could live in Auckland, but complete a course based in Christchurch, or one of many other pharmacy courses in New Zealand.

If you think a career in pharmacy could be for you, get started by browsing our list of available courses today!

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