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Pursuing a career in mental health services offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on people's lives and your community. As awareness and recognition of mental health's importance grow, there's never been a better time to embark on your journey in counselling. Start your studies now and be part of the vital movement towards a healthier, more successful society.

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Psychology & Counselling Diploma

Understand the human mind and the counselling process with this internationally recognised qualification. You’ll learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help people work through their problems and issues with counselling.

Introduction to Psychology & Counselling

Take a look at the world with greater understanding Work towards a qualification in counselling & psychology with The Career Academy’s Introduction to Psychology and Counselling. This is a good foundation for those interested in the main principles

Diploma in Child & Youth Counselling

How to change people’s lives for the better. This is a course where you can make a world of difference for children and young people. It’s a fascinating and highly detailed course where you’ll learn about theories of childhood development that include

Certificate in Counselling Skills

Understand yourself better & help others to grow Study counselling NZ-wide to understand what drives you. Learn ways your reactions may be connected to the broader psyche, and use your counselling skills and studies to explore the treatments and ap

Psychology, Youth Counselling, and Mental Health Bundle

Master the skills to transform people’s lives. Learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help young people work through their problems and issues with counselling and mental health. This bundle includes the Diploma in Psych

Counselling & Psychology Course

Are you good at listening to people and do you want to make a positive impact on their lives? Take the next step in your professional development and become a qualified counsellor with our online counselling and psychology courses. You can study for a

Certificate in Aged Care & Counselling

Learn to make a difference for yourself & others Gain valuable skills with a Certificate in Aged Care & Counselling. Understand the challenges and rewards involved in supporting older adults through lifestyle changes, learn techniques used in g

Certificate in Anger Management

Study the fundamentals of anger management Anger affects us all. Whether it’s the pressures of work, family life, or just having something go wrong during the day, anger is a fundamental part of being human. But in some cases this anger can be detrimen

Certificate in Careers Counselling

Help people change their lives Take a certificate course in counselling and discover who is best suited to running a business, effective routes to particular careers, and ways to assist those who want to build one. Choose a career counselling course to

Certificate in Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Develop your toolbox & gain powerful insight This Career Academy course delivers valuable tools and insights to help you better understand children and adolescents’ mental health challenges. This certificate offers critical knowledge for anyone gui

About Counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling offers a path for mental health professionals to help clients boost their wellbeing and self-esteem. It’s a powerful tool for tackling mental illness, navigating relationship challenges, and offering direct support. Clients may seek counselling voluntarily or it might be recommended by doctors or courts in situations like domestic violence or sexual assault. Counselling also plays a crucial role in social work, providing essential guidance and support.

Why study counselling?

Counselling is a brilliant way to specialise in a particular area. You may choose to study family violence counselling, relationship counselling, working with family members to help with parents’ relationships with young people in their family, student support or drug and alcohol counselling.

What does a counselling course teach me?

A counselling course is designed to equip you with a comprehensive skill set that is invaluable in a professional setting and enriches your personal growth.

  • Diverse skills and knowledge for effective mental health practice.
  • Covers various counselling theories and approaches, including CBT and person-centred therapy.
  • Focus on tailoring support to individual client needs.
  • Emphasises communication skills for empathy expression and trust-building.
  • Provides insights into ethical and legal issues in counselling.
  • Ensures responsible and confidential support provision.
  • Includes practical experience through placements or supervised sessions for real-world experience.

What qualifications do I need to be a registered counsellor in New Zealand?

To become a certified Counsellor and gain NZAC membership, you need to complete either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Counselling. However, for those stepping into a new career, looking to upskill, or simply exploring the field, taking a short course in counselling offers a solid foundation to start your career in the mental health industry.

What is the salary of a counsellor in New Zealand?

The average salary of a counsellor in New Zealand is between $70,000 NZD – $85,000 NZD. Salaries can vary depending on experience, location, and type of counselling work. As a registered counsellor with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you may have the potential to earn a higher salary.

Beginning your career in counselling signifies a commitment to support others through challenges and promote wellbeing. By exploring counselling courses today, you embark on a fulfilling journey to impact lives positively and foster a healthier society.

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