Animal Care Courses

If you love animals, then why not make a living out of it? This occupation is perfect for any animal lover who wants nothing more than to nurse and care for all sorts of animals, great and small. If you want to get started on this fun and rewarding career path, then take part in one of the many animal care courses available.

Animal Care Courses

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Animal Care and Dog Psychology Pathway

Turn what you love into what you do Take your passion out for a walk on The Career Academy Animal Care and Dog Psychology Pathway. Choose an Animal Care and Dog Psychology Pathway to learn basic dog training principles, how trainers approach a working

Diploma in Veterinary Assistant & Animal Welfare

Make a career-smart move. Designed in collaboration with experts, get the training & skillset that the industry is looking out for. This package contains 7 courses designed to cover the most important fundamentals of animal care and welfare across

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Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training Certificate

Understand dog psychology & teach your dog good habits that will last a lifetime If dog psychology and training fascinate you, this online practical course will provide you with a framework of understanding that will enhance your career prospects,

Dog Training Business Pathway

Start your very own doggy daycare business. If you love canines and want to work for yourself, you won’t find a better or more helpful way to go about it. This course teaches you how to care for pet dogs, the theories behind training them, and the basi

Diploma in Dog Grooming

Learn about professional dog grooming techniques This online dog grooming course comprises two certificates covering dog and pet grooming – and caring for dogs. Learn what equipment you might need to handle animals during grooming, various grooming tec

Certificate in Dog & Pet Grooming

Discover what it takes to enter the pet & dog grooming industry Begin our dog grooming courses for pet owners and learn about the business of grooming, how to care for the coat and skin of domestic pets, and what tasks are involved when providing a

Zoology Course

Zoo Keeper positions are relatively few and when positions become vacant it is competitive. Training will help assist in setting you apart from other applicants. Aside from employment within Zoo’s work can also be sought as a VET assistant or staff mem

Equine & Horse Care

Become a qualified Equine Horse Care professional. The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. It also allows you to enter into a profession that provides great lif

Pet Care & Vet Assistant

Become a qualified Pet Care / Vet Assistant. The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. It also allows you to enter into a profession that continues to grow and pr

Certificate in Animal Conservation

An exciting Animal Care experience Get ready to explore an exciting course that incorporates both theory and practical elements of animal care. This course is for both animal health industry professionals and animal owners. This Animal Conservation cou

Certificate in Animal Health Care

Gain foundation knowledge to work with animals The Certificate in Animal Health introduces you to several facets of the animal health sector, including horse psychology, plus helps you understand terminology and practices used by Veterinarians. Discove

Certificate in Caring for Dogs

Become your own best friend, study, work, live your passion Take a Certificate in Caring for Dogs to learn what should be considered before owning a dog, what constitutes basic training, and the daily requirements that should be factored in when adopti

Dog Grooming Business Pathway

Get your dog grooming business off to a flying start. If you’re looking to work for yourself, what could be better than a pathway that shows you the right way to go about it. With this course you’ll learn about the care requirements of dogs, and all ab

Certificate in Animal Care

Caring for all creatures great and small If you have a great passion for animals and their well being, then this course will suit you down to the ground. It’s a course where you’ll gain vital skills and a real knowledge of how to provide the best care

Animal Care NZ

If you’re interested in working with animals in New Zealand, then there is an abundance of courses available for you! You can complete high-quality courses in various animal care areas, through Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and beyond, to suit your preference.

Careers in Animal Care

If you have a passion for animals and want to turn that into a rewarding career, there are many opportunities in the animal care industry. From grooming dogs to working in animal hospitals, this industry has plenty of job openings in New Zealand.

It covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • Dog grooming
  • Animal hospitals and clinics
  • Animal shelters and rescue organizations
  • Pet stores and veterinary clinics
  • Pet grooming and care services

Training for these careers can range from a few months to several years, depending on the specific job you’re interested in. For example, becoming a professional dog groomer may only require a few months of training, while working as a veterinarian will require several years of schooling.

If you’re interested in working with animals but don’t want to go through extensive schooling, there are still many entry-level positions available. These positions include roles such as a dog walker, animal care attendant, or pet sitter. These jobs require a love for animals and some basic training, but they can be a great way to start a career in animal care.

In addition to the entry-level roles, there are also many higher-paying jobs available in animal care. These include positions such as a veterinary technician, animal behaviourist, or animal welfare officer. These roles require additional training and education, but they can be incredibly rewarding for those passionate about animal care.

Whether you’re interested in starting your own dog grooming business or working in an animal hospital, there are plenty of opportunities in the industry to make a positive impact on the lives of animals and their owners.

Animal Care in New Zealand

In the field of dog grooming, salaries can vary greatly depending on the level of expertise and experience. For example, a novice dog groomer can expect to earn an average salary of around $25,000 to $35,000 per year, while an experienced dog groomer with a solid reputation can earn upwards of $60,000 or more per year. There are also opportunities to earn additional income by offering additional services such as dog walking or pet sitting.

In addition to dog grooming, there are other careers in animal care that are also rewarding and fulfilling. One such career is a veterinary assistant. Veterinary assistants work alongside veterinarians and veterinary technicians to provide care and treatment for animals. They may be responsible for tasks such as preparing animals for exams or surgeries, administering medication, and monitoring animals during recovery.

In New Zealand, the average salary for a veterinary assistant is around $45,000 per year. However, as with dog grooming, salaries can vary depending on experience and qualifications. Those with advanced training or certification in veterinary care may earn higher salaries.

Overall, careers in animal care, including dog grooming, veterinary assistance, and animal welfare, offer the opportunity to work with animals and make a positive impact on their lives. While salaries may vary depending on the specific career path and level of education required, these careers can provide both personal and professional fulfilment for those with a passion in the field.

How to study

With such a broad range of areas to cover, and numerous organisations working with training institutions, you can choose the way you want to study animal care.

There are courses that qualify you to work with the New Zealand government caring for animals across the country. Or there are courses that allow you to provide specialised care for certain types of animals. There are also courses that teach you about the latest research and treatments for animal diseases.

Many courses offer full-time, part-time, and online study opportunities, although some courses may require placement, where you can gain practical experience in an animal care facility.

Online Animal Care Courses NZ

As mentioned earlier, the field of animal care offers a diverse range of career options, and this is reflected in the variety of courses available for study. Whether you aspire to become an animal care assistant or pursue other related roles, there are numerous animal care courses to suit your needs.

Certificate in Animal care

Whether you’re interested in a short course or want to improve your ability to care for animals, there are various online and offline courses available. The Certificate in Animal Care provides an excellent foundation of knowledge for animal care assistant roles.

For more specialised positions, there are also other Certificate Level 4 courses available in the field of animal care. These courses offer essential knowledge with practical experience. Consider enrolling in a Certificate in Animal Care to start your journey in the animal care industry.

Animal Care Diploma Courses

If you’re looking to advance your animal care knowledge and skills, a Diploma level qualification may be the ideal choice. The Diploma in Animal Care provides a comprehensive understanding of caring for various animals and building on the foundation of a certificate course.

Specialised diplomas like a Veterinary Assistant & Animal Welfare offer niche information for providing care to specific types of animals. These courses typically require 12 months of flexible study and can be completed online for those with busy schedules. Consider enrolling in a Diploma in Animal Care to advance your animal care career.

What Skills Do you Need to Work in Animal Care?

Working in animal care can be a fulfilling and demanding career, with many opportunities for career growth through different levels of education. Working in animal care requires a set of essential skills such as empathy, communication, observation, patience, physical fitness, and the ability to work in a team. Additionally, knowledge of animal behaviour and welfare, as well as basic medical care and record keeping, are important for a successful career in animal care.

For detailed information about studying animal care in New Zealand, enquire about a specific animal care course above!

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