Bookkeeping Courses

Are you interested in working with the financial transactions of a business? Understanding how the IRD (inland revenue department) and their requirements, data entry, reading and updating financial records, bookkeeping software and financial statements, are all parts of being a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Courses

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Accounts Administration & Payroll Certificate plus Xero and MYOB

Up your practical knowledge and stand out from the crowd with our intermediate online course. You’ll gain skills in accounting, GST, Xero, payroll, Microsoft Excel and much more.

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Introduction to Bookkeeping

Ready, set, learn! Understand bookkeeping basics 101, like the types and structures of businesses, what external factors may influence a business, how to calculate GST, and how to use financial statements to understand and convey your position. Become

Diploma in Excel & Diploma in Xero Package

Get two industry-recognised qualifications and become a Xero & Excel expert! This package combines the Diploma in Xero and the Diploma in Excel. It will give you a comprehensive and workforce ready understanding of both Excel and Xero, giving you e

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Introduction to Accounting

Because balance is key What is accounting? The fundamentals of accounting are valuable basic skills for anyone who runs a business, for employees who want to present a formidable resume, or for those who want to learn how to do accounting as a building

Certificate in Accounting

This is a course that ticks all the boxes. The Career Academy Certificate in Accounting will provide you with all the necessary skills to work in an accounting environment. There’s no prior experience needed to do the course. And once you finish, you’l

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Certificate in Bookkeeping

Learn to balance the books with our accredited course. You’ll be able to prepare GST returns, liaise with the Inland Revenue on behalf of a taxpayer and keep business accounts, as well as learning to analyse and interpret a profit and loss statem

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AAT Qualified Bookkeeper Pathway

Become a professional AAT Qualified Bookkeeper with our AAT Pathway for Bookkeepers and fast track your bookkeeping career! Learn to balance the books, prepare GST returns and prepare business accounts, before using the prestigious AAT membership to la

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Bookkeeping Business Pathway

Launch your bookkeeping business with the option to freelance, subcontract or start your own bookkeeping business. Complete our Certificate in Bookkeeping and then our Start your Own Business Program.

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Accounting Diploma

Once you qualify, your job prospects will soar. If you’re eager to enhance your accounting skills, and pursue a career in accounting, finance or business, then this course is a must. It’s an advanced qualification that builds on the practical accountin

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Diploma in Excel & Diploma in MYOB Package

Get two professional qualifications and become an MYOB & Excel expert! This course combines the Diploma in MYOB Package and the Diploma in Excel Package. It will provide you with comprehensive and workforce ready Excel and MYOB skills required for

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Accounting Technician Pathway for Bookkeepers

How to advance your Bookkeeping career in more ways than one. Want to advance your Bookkeeping career and earn more? Well, this is how you go about it: AAT Accounting Technician Pathway for Bookkeepers. Sharpen those bookkeeping skills needed to progre

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Diploma in Xero

Gain an advanced workforce-ready skillset in Xero. It’s one of the most highly awarded Xero courses that you could take. The Diploma in Xero for accountancy, bookkeeping and administration roles is loaded with specially rated achievements. These includ

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MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Payroll Certificate

This course combines the Certificate in MYOB AccountRight and the Certificate in MYOB Payroll. Designed to give you a working knowledge of the essential business processes using MYOB AccountRight software, this course will take you from entering sales

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MYOB Diploma

Gain a recognised certificate in MYOB and become an expert! There are three accredited courses which make up the this accredited online Advanced Certificate: Certificate in MYOB AccountRight, Certificate in MYOB Essentials and official MYOB Certificati

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Diploma in Xero & Diploma in MYOB Package

Start at Xero and accelerate your career prospects With MYOB and Xero Certification under your belt as part of the Diploma in Xero & Diploma in MYOB Package you can hit job interviews with highly marketable skills. Show your boss how much you deser

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AAT Accounting Pathway Program

How to get your accounting career really moving. This is the program for those who love to take bold steps to champion their career. It’s unique to The Career Academy and specially designed for those working, or who have worked in an entry through to i

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Accounting Pathway Program

Become a Qualified Accounting Technician and member of AAT! Fast track your accounting career with The Career Academy. This Program is unique to The Career Academy and specifically designed for those working or who have worked in an entry through to in

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Industry Accredited Diploma in MYOB

There are three accredited courses which make up the this accredited online course: Certificate in MYOB AccountRight, Certificate in MYOB Essentials and Certificate in MYOB Payroll. Each qualification builds on the knowledge learned previously and cour

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Accounts Administration & Payroll Pathway

You’re well on the road to success once you have this course under your belt. You’ll become a professional accounts administrator where you’ll learn how to balance the books and prepare GST returns and business accounts before using the prestigious AAT

Bookkeeping Course

Are you good with numbers? Do you have a keen eye for detail? Then a career in bookkeeping could be right for you. With positions available in a range of industries, becoming a qualified bookkeeper will allow you to work in an office environment, balan

About Bookkeeping

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions. Bookkeeping services include recording all cash flow and outflow and writing up financial reports, which in large corporations, will be handed on to accountants to analyze those numbers. 

Bookkeepers use a number of tools, including bookkeeping software like Xero, and need to understand more than bookkeeping system, cloud computing systems and record-keeping options.

Why should I study bookkeeping?

If you’re looking to work as a bookkeeper than a short course is the perfect way to get started. Whether you’re one of many business owners who need to complete their own bookkeeping services and business activity statements, or want to know so that you can keep an account of your own personal expenses using bookkeeping software, a course is a perfect way to do it.

If you complete a course in bookkeeping, you may learn about:

  • The difference between working for small businesses and large corporations.
  • What accounts payable are vs. accounts receivable and how they work.
  • Australian and New Zealand bookkeeping vs. international bookkeeping.
  • Different accounting software and systems like MYOB or Quickbooks.
  • How to become a BAS agent and what BAS agent registration entails.
  • How to correctly record a financial transaction.
  • How to understand and use more than one accounting system.
  • How to write up a balance sheet and make sure it actually balances.
  • How to prepare an income statement.
  • Why you may need to open or close a bank account on your clients’ behalf.

Where can I study bookkeeping?

Studying bookkeeping is easy to do, with courses available across Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and beyond. Most courses can be done either online or in person, both full time and part-time, so you may be able to complete the course around full-time work. Completing something like a Certificate IV in bookkeeping will prepare you for a career in bookkeeping that could see you end up on the tax practitioners board!

Understanding bookkeeping is crucial for small business owners, and an experienced bookkeeper is highly valued in large corporations. Certified bookkeepers are crucial to the success of any business, so get started today in order to enjoy a brilliant career!

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