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Still have a yearning for that dream Managerial job? If so, then management courses are the best place to begin the journey to a leadership role, and is a fantastic opportunity for small business owners looking to manage employees. To become a manager requires an ability to manage others effectively, and understanding the balance between achieving business objectives and encouraging staff to perform at their best.

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Certificate in Personnel Management and Human Resources

Use Your Exceptional People Skills To Upgrade Your Life People who know people are a special breed. If you are looking for HR courses for working professionals or human resources distance learning opportunities, The Career Academy offers a comprehensiv...

Diploma in Management & Team Leadership

Show you’re management material. Get an accredited Diploma in Management to prove your competency! While many managers are promoted because of their excellent personal performance, this change in role requires the development of new skills to ach...

Certificate in Small Business Management

Learn how to effectively manage a small business. You’ll gain fundamental business management knowledge and skills to help you be successful. You’ll learn how to develop a business plan and set up the right business structure, plus gain an understandin...

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Leadership Training for Managers

Empower your team and grow into the engaging leader your organisation needs. Modern managers understand that organisations don’t produce business outcomes: people do. That’s why it’s so crucial to push beyond outmoded leadership models and put your peo...

Certificate in Management Fundamentals

Launch your Management career from a solid foundation Approach work with intent by enrolling with The Career Academy Certificate in Management Fundamentals. This course relays the fundamentals of total quality Management, provides insights into organis...

Business Management Pathway

Plan for success – we’ll show you how to start your business! Learn how to develop a business plan and set up the right business structure in just 16 weeks. You’ll gain an understanding of financial reporting and taxation requirements, grasp the princi...

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Develop your leadership potential

Step up to your new leadership role with confidence and poise. Transitioning from high performer to effective, engaging leader involves a unique set of challenges. The stakes are high, and the learning curve is steep – but with targeted tactics t...

High Impact Presentations

Deliver powerful presentations that captivate and influence. A presentation is a critical business tool. When well-executed, it builds credibility, enhances your client relationships, and clearly conveys your message. Your presentation has the power to...

Sales Training: Winning with Relationships Selling

Learn to drive outstanding sales results by forging positive relationships. Sales professionals work in a new reality, one which demands a customer-centric approach to selling grounded in human connection, respect and trust.  The old tricks don’t work...

Business Management Course

If managing businesses, whether a small business or a department within a larger corporation, is a career you’d like to progress in, look no further than our business management course. Developed by professionals with years of experience, this online c...

Frontline Management Course

Are you interested in a career as a frontline manager? If you have strong leadership skills and you want to play a part in helping a company reach its long-term goals, our frontline management course is the ideal fit for you. Designed in collaboration...

Retail Management Course

Want to advance your retail career? Feel passionate about creating the perfect customer experience? Take the next step in your professional development with our online retail management courses. Developed in consultation with major retailers, these lea...

Sports Management Course

If you’re enthusiastic about sports and helping people to live healthier, happier lives, then sports management could be the career for you. Take our sports management course to launch your career and get qualified as a professional sports manager. Unl...

Skills for Success

Raise your capabilities and inspire transformative change. To lead tomorrow with confidence and competence, you will need a strong suite of cross-disciplinary skills. To thrive in today’s competitive workplace requires you to reach far beyond expertise...

About Management

Managers are one of the largest occupations in New Zealand, with more than 300,000 positions existing currently across all industries and businesses. The majority of management positions are gained through promotion. Employment of managers in industries such as agriculture, retail and construction are the highest. However, there is always a need for them in virtually every other industry.

Some managers for big corporations can earn a very large amount, while others such as small business owners earn a lot less. The average salary for management positions is approximately $92,000.

Another important factor in this industry is that there is an increasing need for managers to obtain higher levels of qualifications, with many nowadays opting to undertake a Masters in Business Administration, though this is not a prerequisite for a management position.

Management Courses Online

There are always options for anyone wanting to take part in management courses, and online alternatives are often very popular. So whether you’re already in the industry, or wanting to explore management for the first time, there’s something to suit everyone.

Certificate IV

If leading people, and assisting in employee growth sounds like something you’re interested in, Certificates in management are a great place to start. Or, if you’re looking to specialise in a specific area, there’s a Certificate iv in Leadership and Management available. These management courses are ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about managing projects, promoting team effectiveness or showing leadership by example.


If gaining a more detailed and applicable range of skills is for you, then a Diploma of Leadership and Management covers everything you need to know about the turbulent world of management. It’s a great way to up-skill and is ideal for those with experience who want a further qualification.

The foundations of topics such as emotional intelligence, recruitment and training, project work, finance management and creating plans and strategies are all covered, giving you everything you need to step up to a leadership role. This online management course takes up to 18 months to complete, and is nationally recognised

Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor of Business (Management) is perfect for anyone wanting to undergo an extensive business related qualification which specialises in developing management skills. To be capable in the skills necessary to manage today’s employees requires a solid understanding of all areas of business, and a Bachelor degree qualification is a definite way to gain these. A Bachelor degree in management can lead to manager roles in a broad range of areas, from operations, human resources, logistics and project management.

Required Skills

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organisation
  • Relationship- building skills
  • Forward Planning
  • Good insight
  • Communication
  • Time Management

Career Outcomes

  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Managing Director

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