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Considering tertiary education but find yourself putting it on the back burner as a result of potential tuition fees and time commitment? Fees Free education in New Zealand can help by offering your first year of tertiary study or two years training up to the value of $12,000, completely fees-free!

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New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology (Level 5) (AKL Only)

This programme is perfect for those with a keen interest in computing looking to enter the IT industry or to upskill for future career opportunities. It also provides a solid foundation for IT diploma level study. The Certificate in Information Technol...

New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5) (AKL Only)

This programme prepares you to work in a range of entry-level support roles in an organisation, which may include employment in roles such as computer technician, service desk or technical support, or provide a pathway to further IT related study. Grad...

New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5) (Auckland Only)

This programme is designed for those looking to gain an entry-level role as a web developer. You’ll also gain the practical IT and professional skills needed to succeed in your IT career. On completion of this programme, graduates will be able to build...

New Zealand Diploma in Networking (Level 6) (AKL Only)

Be part of the change that technology is making to our world. This qualification will prepare you to enter employment in roles such as a network professional in a service environment. You will be capable of configuring, maintaining and monitoring netwo...

New Zealand Diploma in Software Development (Level 6) (AKL Only)

This programme is designed for people seeking to focus on one or more application domains such as general application development, web development, games development and mobile applications development. The aim of this programme is to provide students...

What is Fees Free Education?

Fees Free study is a New Zealand government initiative that was launched in 2018 that allows prospective learners to study at a tertiary level at 0 costs. This applies to you if you’ve just graduated from high school, or if you’re an ‘adult learner’ (someone who is 19 years old and enrolling or currently enrolled in a school).

This funding can be used towards most forms of tertiary education, whether that be a Diploma, a Bachelor’s degree or some form of training (e.g. apprenticeship).

Depending on the form of tertiary education you choose to enrol in, any fees-free entitlement that isn’t used during the first calendar year of study (1st January – 31st December) can be carried over into future years of education. This means this funding has the potential to fund your entire tertiary education qualification!

By completing a qualification, you’re opening yourself up to a world of opportunities including advancing in your career which could then lead to the achievement of more personal goals like going on a holiday or saving for a house!

Am I Eligible?

Below are some key eligibility criteria for Fees Free study.
  • New Zealand citizen
  • New Zealand ordinarily resident
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident who’s lived in New Zealand for a total of 3 or more years


  • You need to be a recent school leaver; or
  • Have completed less than half a year of full-time tertiary study or training at Level 3 or above

It’s important to note any tertiary education undertaken as a secondary school student does not apply to the above conditions.

If you’re unsure whether you’ve undertaken more than half a year of full-time tertiary study it’s best to check how many EFTS you’ve completed.

How do I check if I’m eligible?

The easiest and fastest way to check if you’re eligible for fees-free is to enter your National Student Number (NSN) into the New Zealand Government’s Fees Free website.

This number is assigned to you when you enter formal education in New Zealand and allows for the effective organization of all the relevant information about your education history. If you don’t know you’re NSN, you can ask your current school for it or you can contact the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Where can I study to receive Fees Free in NZ?

Most tertiary education options are eligible to be Fees Free providers.

Check out the list below to see if your institute is eligible:

  • Institute of Technology
  • Polytechnic
  • Private Training Establishments
  • University
  • Wānanga

What if I want to complete an apprenticeship?

Industry training is still considered a form of tertiary education. So, if you’re looking for an apprenticeship or you’re an employer looking to take on an apprentice, Fees Free is an option for you!

If you choose to apply for Fees Free and you’re successful, yours and your employer’s training costs will be covered for the first 24 months of your apprenticeship (up to the value of $12,000)!

Similarly to if you were applying for free university NZ, you should check your eligibility via your NSN number or the NZQA website.


What is it?

StudyLink is a New Zealand government student loan and student allowance initiative that helps students financially plan, budget and pay for fees associated with study, such as course fees, compulsory course-related expenses (e.g. textbooks) and daily living costs (rent, groceries etc.).

StudyLink eligibility can vary, depending on variables such as your study load, course type, living situation and age.

StudyLink and Fees Free

To apply for Fees Free, you don’t need to have StudyLink and vice versa. Fees Free works in such a way that your eligible fee help will be paid directly to the institution or trainer with which you’re studying. StudyLink can make payments either to the education provider or to the individual (depending on if financial help is directed towards course fees or living expenses).

StudyLink is a great service if either the course you wish to do does not meet the Fees Free criteria or if your fees will exceed the maximum Fees Free help of $12,000. Furthermore, if you need financial assistance during your study for living or course-related costs, a StudyLink loan or allowance is also an option.

*Please note that if you’re undertaking a training program or apprenticeship you are not eligible for a StudyLink loan or allowance.

Fees Free offers students the chance to further their education with as minimal study fees.

If you’ve been thinking about studying or you’ve just begun a tertiary course, check your eligibility for this amazing opportunity to kickstart your future career!

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