UX/UI Courses

Whether you're looking to get into UX/UI, or you're at the top of your game, these courses will help you get the best out of your career. Feel free to browse our collection of nationally recognised UX/UI courses.
UX/UI Courses

UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface) Courses

UI and UX are terms that are thrown around a lot across several different work environments, so much so that they seem almost interchangeable. However, there are distinctions between the two, though both are necessary to craft a user-friendly digital product. Here’s a simple definition of both.

UX/UI defined


UI design, also known as User Interaction and User Interface Design, looks at the visual design and overall aesthetic that the user will come in contact with. 

UX design, which stands for User Experience Design, captures all aspects of a user’s interaction with the product, from beginning to end. 

UX/UI designer responsibilities

Both UI and UX designers aim to improve a product’s usability and accessibility. They collaborate to conduct user research, project management, critical demographics, liaising with stakeholders, developing the means for user testing, prototyping and building wireframes

The UX/UI skillset and qualities you need

As a job that revolves around the online world, there is a great focus on technical skills, whether that be:

  • Formulating a case study
  • Testing out product designs
  • Succinct UX writing 
  • Familiarising yourself with specific programs (e.g. Webflow, Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.)

You’ll also need sharp design skills: attention to detail and a flair for creativity, such as the ability to create a balanced colour palette and scaling typography appropriately. 

UI/UX design courses: Get yourself started and build on your expertise

While you don’t necessarily need to have a thorough background to become a UX/UI designer, most employers expect some experience in areas such as graphic design, web design, digital marketing and, of course, specifically UX/UI design. As a learning platform, training.co.nz offers short courses in all these areas and is flexible enough to complete at your own pace

They incorporate teachings from several industry experts and the latest technologies used by professionals today. The Professional Diploma in UX Design course, for example, gives an extensive on what the UX design process is like, equipping you with a globally recognised, industry-approved qualification and without any prerequisites!

Explore our complete list of UX/UI design and the relevant course guides above.

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