Conservation & Land Management Courses

Discover how landcare, natural area restoration and environmental management can make all the difference to our future through a conservation or land management course today!

Conservation & Land Management Courses

What is a Conservation and Land Management Course?

Are you interested in looking after New Zealand’s incredible natural beauty while understanding how to produce the necessary food for New Zealand citizens? Then studying environmental science such as conservation and land management could be perfect for you!

What is a Conservation and Land Management Course?

Conservation and land management refers to any kind of study or work that looks at working with and protecting our natural land resources. You can do this through a course (such as the Diploma of Conservation and Land Management), or a more specific area of study, including:

  • natural resource management
  • learning to create management plans for your organisation
  • pest management

and many others.

You can complete a more prolonged course and choose electives that allow you to specialise, or a short course such as the Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management and then complete professional development down the road. Anything above a Certificate IV is likely to include some form of work experience or traineeships or may require you to work on a restoration project or complete field trips as a part of your course.

What Can I Do With a Course in Conservation and Land Management?

These courses teach you practical skills that you can use to become a park ranger, work in another capacity in a national park, give you career opportunities within the agricultural field or work elsewhere within the natural environment.

Depending on the level of study you complete, you may be able to go on and complete further study in conservation and land management at a university level.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Other Study Options

Many organisations offer a variety of study options for students looking to complete study in New Zealand.

If you’re previously completed study or worked in a relevant industry, then some training organisations may offer recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Many schools also offer online learning, so if you’re interested in a course offered in Auckland, but you live in Christchurch, you can still complete your course of choice. International students, including Australian citizen students, should enquire with specific courses before trying to enrol and see what the requirements are in terms of being a visa holder or international student. Equally, if you’re a New Zealand citizen interested in learning about Aboriginal methods of land management from an Australian TAFE provider, you may be able to do so online, dependent on migration laws, permanent resident requirements and more.

Part-time study is becoming a popular option among students, as it allows students to study and maintain their current commitments. In contrast, full-time study continues to present students with the chance to complete study in as short a time as possible.
Entry requirements vary from course to course.

For further information, including tuition fees, COVID-19 effects on study and more, enquire about a specific course listed above!

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